We are a team of passionate people who are envisioning of revolutionizing the traditional Sales & Marketing channels. We constantly strive to provide innovative products to enhance the new-age marketing methodologies with effective cloud solutions. Get a 360 degree view of your customer with our products and services. Enhance Sales & Marketing, Enrich your Customer Experience!


The new-age multi-channel marketing has to be supported with a tool that provides a way for your organization, to have an effective story-boarding for your product suite and conduct live interactive sessions with your customers. Our ingenious Closed Loop Marketing product, WideAngle addresses this twin necessity with a Powerful Sales Enablement tool & an Interactive Digital Marketing platform.


Empower your men on the field with a CRM that can solve the immiscibility of Sales & Marketing. Update & analyse your customer interactions anywhere, Unlock your customer preferences, Create the right segmentation & Measure your marketing efforts. Our rich expertise in the Sales & Marketing domain empowers us to design a CRM which incorporates the dynamics of a specific industry.

Cloud Services

SwaaS provides out of the box cloud solutions with its ready-to-deploy frameworks to accelerate the development of an organization’s business applications. With our extensive research and product development strategies, we have devised built-in cloud based frameworks on a scalable Microsoft Azure platform to suit your business requirements.

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In the past we were adopting the conventional method of using paper for various reports and statements connected with sales & marketing areas. Consequent to our switching over to SwaaS, we have done away with the paper medium and are happy to instantly take timely decisions through the digital medium. Needless to mention, we have other benefits such as drastic reduction in time taken for the preparation of these reports and capturing relevant information from the vast data pool etc., we use these reports for all our review process in sales & marketing meetings.
Mr.DJ Parthasarathy, SVP (Sales & Marketing) TTK Healthcare Limited
HiDOCTOR is very userfriendly, all our field Personnel are able to understand and operate it without any difficulties. HiDOCTOR is perfectly in match with daily activities of pharma field personnel.Doctor Coverage,Chemist coverage,POB,TP,CP and all other daily activities are well tracked using it.Hidoctor gives extensive data about the activity and productivity of Pharma Field personnel to the management in an objective manner.Hence, we recommed HiDOCTOR as a useful system to any pharmaceutical company.
Mr.Hari Hara Subramanian, VP Sales, Shield Healthcare